Real Deal Recovery


054: Divorce In Recovery

Steve, clean and sober 24 years, shares his experience with divorce and how he has walked through other difficult events in recovery. In addition, he shares with clarity how the steps have helped him to deepen relationships with others and the relationship he has with himself.


053: Alcoholic’s Experience With Sponsorship

Sponsorship is an informal relationship that may or may not last a long time. Grady, clean and sober 14 years, shares his experience with being sponsored and sponsoring others. In this podcast on sponsorship, Grady goes over boundaries with sponsorship and working the steps with others.


052: Coming Back From Relapse

Barry had been clean and sober for ten years, and then had a long relapse before making it back to the program. He shares his experience with relapse, what he did to refrain from relapse after getting back, and how his life and recovery is today.


051: Relationships Outside Of Sponsorship

This podcast is dedicated to Jim A, who died recently with 50 years of sobriety. Our guest, Jim, who was a close friend of Jim A, suggested the topic for this podcast because of the influence Jim A had on his life. The quality of our lives is largely contingent on the depth of our relationships, and in this podcast, Jim shares with us how his recovery has shaped his relationship with himself and relationships with others.


050: Relapse Prevention (Explicit)

Jack, a professional drug and alcohol councilor in Southern California, shares very candidly about his relapses over the years and how he currently maintains his recovery. In addition, he goes over several of the common patterns that can lead to a relapse and provides suggestions an addict or alcoholic can take to prevent one.


049: Acceptance With An Alcoholic

In this podcast Josh, currently in his third year of recovery, shares his experience, strength, and hope on the topic of acceptance. Other topics he shares on include how he’s prevented a relapse, addressing his character defects, and developing emotional sobriety through meditation and prayer.


048: An Addict’s Application Of The Steps

In this podcast Dale, clean 17 years, shares on his last 90 days of using and his first 90 days of recovery, and how he has learned to apply the steps to his life. Dale elaborates on his experience with the second, third, fourth, sixth, seventh, tenth, eleventh steps. In this discussion he gives solid examples of how he had integrated these steps into his life. Bravo!


047: Alcoholic’s First Step

Steve, in his 3 year of recovery, shares his first step and the unmanageability associated with his alcoholism. The progression and unmanageability of his disease: fun, fun with problems, and then just problems. A bottom is when you quit digging, and in this pod Steve shares his bottom, and how his life is so much richer, nourishing, and self-fulfilling now that he is sober.


046: Post Traumatic Stress With A Veteran

Matt, a veteran who spent eight years in the air force, shares his story before and after joining the military, and the effect his experience in the military has had on his life. Post Traumatic Stress is a topic many in the rooms are very uncomfortable addressing, and Matt shares his experience, strength and hope with clarity and sound perspective as a person facing PTSD head-on in his recovery.


045: Recovery: A Privilege And Not A Punishment

Greg, clean and sober 33 years, is a pioneer of Cocaine Anonymous and vibrant power of example. In this podcast he gives us the greatest hits of his bottom and journey in recovery. Greg is the real deal, and in this pod he shares his decades of clean and sober experience in recovery and how the steps and rooms have shaped his life.