Real Deal Recovery


064: Alcoholic/Addicts Thoughts on Forgiveness

Patrick, clean and sober 18 years, picked a great topic for this podcast: Forgiveness. In this podcast Patrick reviews how steps 4, 5,
and 10 have enabled him to forgive others. In addition, he shares his experience, strength and hope with how he has come to forgive himself as well.


063: The Principles

Josh shares his life experience prior to getting sober and his experience and perspective with the principles. The principles are honesty, hope, faith, courage, integrity, willingness, humility, brotherly love, justice, perseverance, spirituality, and service. Josh is an alcoholic who is truly on the path.


062: Alcoholic Celebrates Year 1

Cody, who recently celebrated one year clean and sober, discusses his previous relapse, how he got back to the program, and how he has achieved emotional and physical sobriety over this last year. In addition, he shares how he has strived to be free by having willingness to do the footwork necessary to make it happen.


061: What It Was Like, What Happened, What It’s Like Now

In this podcast Jim shares the progression of his disease: fun, fun with problems, and just problems. In addition, Jim speaks on how the steps have given him a tremendous amount of freedom in life outside of the rooms, and how the tools of the program help him as he navigates his life as a musician and father.


060: An Alcoholic’s Take On Gratitude

For many alcoholics and alcoholics gratitude plays an important role in their recovery. Andrea, who got clean and sober at 24, shares her background prior to getting clean and sober and the role gratitude plays in her life/sobriety.


059: Nutrition In Recovery

In this podcast nutritionist and dietician, Janelle de Buzna, shares her background and offers up great suggestions for alcoholics and addicts in recovery. In addition, she shares the main roadblocks that keep people from making beneficial health changes and how they can overcome them.


058: Alcoholic/Addict And Fear

False evidence appearing real is how many in recovery describe fear. Michael, a former guest to the podcast, (Denial) shares on how he’s navigated fear in recovery, and how the steps, fellowship, prayer, and meditation have helped him walk through fear in recovery.


057: Recovery Advocate Tom Hill

Tom Hill is the Vice President of Addictions and Recovery at the National Council for Behavioral Health. In this podcast, Tom shares his path from coming out as a gay man to becoming and esteemed recovery advocate. Other specifics Tom shares on are the opioid epidemic, current legislation, and how his personal recovery has influenced work as advocate.


056: Addict’s Experience With The Steps

Willie, clean many years, reviews how the steps have helped him to achieve emotional recovery and personal freedom. With complete candor and honesty he shares on how he integrates the steps into his life with consistent inventories, prayer, and meditation.


055: Addict’s First Year

This week, Bucky celebrated one year clean. In this podcast Bucky shares what led him to getting clean, the specific actions he took this last year to remain clean, as well as his experience with service work and the steps.