Real Deal Recovery


Success Strategies for Alcoholics and Addicts

Host: Stephen Girard

Real Deal Recovery is dedicated to topic-based interviews for alcoholics and drug addicts in recovery. This is a solution-oriented podcast that features individuals who have extensive experience as clean and sober persons, and are striving for emotional as well as physical sobriety/recovery.

Latest Episodes

064: Alcoholic/Addicts Thoughts on Forgiveness
Patrick, clean and sober 18 years, picked a great topic for this podcast: Forgiveness. In this podcast Patrick reviews how
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063: The Principles
Josh shares his life experience prior to getting sober and his experience and perspective with the principles. The principles are
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062: Alcoholic Celebrates Year 1
Cody, who recently celebrated one year clean and sober, discusses his previous relapse, how he got back to the program,
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061: What It Was Like, What Happened, What It’s Like Now
In this podcast Jim shares the progression of his disease: fun, fun with problems, and just problems. In addition, Jim
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060: An Alcoholic’s Take On Gratitude
For many alcoholics and alcoholics gratitude plays an important role in their recovery. Andrea, who got clean and sober at
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059: Nutrition In Recovery
In this podcast nutritionist and dietician, Janelle de Buzna, shares her background and offers up great suggestions for alcoholics and
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058: Alcoholic/Addict And Fear
False evidence appearing real is how many in recovery describe fear. Michael, a former guest to the podcast, (Denial) shares
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057: Recovery Advocate Tom Hill
Tom Hill is the Vice President of Addictions and Recovery at the National Council for Behavioral Health. In this podcast,
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056: Addict’s Experience With The Steps
Willie, clean many years, reviews how the steps have helped him to achieve emotional recovery and personal freedom. With complete
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055: Addict’s First Year
This week, Bucky celebrated one year clean. In this podcast Bucky shares what led him to getting clean, the specific
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 March 15th, 2016